About Manon de Reeper

Screenwriter, producer, director, photographer, entrepreneur

Manon de Reeper is a screenwriter, producer and entrepreneur with academic degrees in Global Criminology (MA) and Clinical Psychology (BSc). An avid writer and cinephile from childhood, Manon has spent most of her time cultivating her passion of creating stories. She finds inspiration in culture, human behavior and societal institutions, and is particularly passionate about writing in the science fiction, horror and drama genres.

She is of Dutch Surinamese descent and was born in The Netherlands, where she lived until right after she graduated from Utrecht University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Master’s Degree in Global Criminology. In 2013, she moved to Australia where she lived for four years, with her husband and cat.

During her time in Australia, she founded Film Inquiry and honed her writing and editing skills. In late 2017, she moved to the United States to live closer to the film industry. Now in Houston TX, she flies all over the country to attend film festivals, produce movies, appear on panels, mix at networking events, and more.

Film Inquiry

Manon is the Founder and CEO (and former Editor-in-Chief) of Film Inquiry, a long-form online film magazine that hosts the writing of hundreds of filmmakers, scholars and critics. Film Inquiry is Rotten Tomatoes-certified.

Film Inquiry has published thousands of in-depth reviews, interviews, features, resources and more. She and her team members attend and cover most of the biggest film festivals across the world.

Non-profit Work & Activism

She currently serves as Business Development Strategist for LA-based non-profit organization Women of Color Unite, which focuses on fair access, fair treatment and fair pay for women of color in all aspects of the entertainment and media industries.

In 2019, she served on the Leadership Council of the non-profit organization FilmRev, which is connecting all existing organizations in the U.S. entertainment media industry that are working toward intersectional parity.

Between mid-2017 and early 2019, Manon served as the Director of Technology for Women In Media, a non-profit women’s organization. She built their United Nations award-nominated website and online hiring platform.


Manon loves to travel; she has lived in three countries and has traveled to over thirty around the world. She loves to hike and explore exciting new places. At home, she loves to read, watch movies and TV, play board games and video games.


Has written many shorts, features and pilots, and has been hired on writing assignments. Manon’s screenplays have placed in the finals of multiple screenwriting contests.

Film production

Focus on script development, pitch decks and treatments and local and international networks (especially The Netherlands and Australia).

Film Press & PR

5+ years experience with film PR

Treatments & Pitch Decks

10+ years experience as web developer and designer. Current focus is on design and creation of treatments and pitch decks for new film projects.

Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress.


5+ years experience as editor of an online film magazine, in all aspects of online publishing.

5+ years experience editing novels (published) and academic essays (specifically on the topics of Psychology and Criminology).

Script reading

Experience as professional script reader for Coverfly, has served as judge for screenplays on many film festivals and contests.